Width : 14.96 inch
Length : 19.69 inch
Material : Silver Plated


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With your sterling silver challah knife sitting alongside this big challah tray on your Shabbat table, you will be amazed by the beauty which now radiates throughout your dining room each week.

This elegant challah board is made of a deep brown wood and has a rectangular shape with rounded corners and sides that curve in and out. The board is covered with a thin piece of glass which is held in place by four small screws with silver tops, and protects the wood and silver beneath it. A silver insert sits proudly at the center of the tray, and additional silver pieces grace the board where it curves out in the shape of handles.

The silver sheet in the middle of the tray boasts magnificent engravings, with a pair of candlesticks, two loaves of challah bread, and a kiddush cup carved at the very center. Surrounding these pictures are carvings of flowers and vines, etched in three separate rings around the center, adding an extremely elegant element to the piece.

  • Crafted to perfection by talented silver artists
  • Impressive width of 38 cm and length of 50 cm
  • Glass protects wood and silver from scratches
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of the piece forever

When you buy challah trays, you undoubtedly look for a piece with a sophisticated and beautiful design, as well as a superior quality craftsmanship. This big challah tray features these traits in the most outstanding fashion, making it the perfect piece to add to your collection.