Width : 15.16 inch
Length : 11.42 inch
Material : Silver Plated


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No Shabbat table is complete without the perfect challah board, and this small challah tray is therefore the ideal piece for you to add to your collection. The beautiful design and majestic appearance of this piece will look all the more elegant when placed at the head of your table next to your sterling silver challah knife each week.

This challah board is made of deep brown wood and has an oval shape with curved sides. A thin piece of glass covers the whole board to protect the wood, and is held in place with four silver-topped screws. The center of the board has a silver-plated insert with a beautiful design, featuring an engraving of Shabbat candlesticks, loaves of challah bread, and a kiddush cup, as well as the blessing for bread, finishing this piece in a magnificent fashion.

  • Crafted with an exceptional quality and a superior design
  • Brings a look of elegance to your table each week
  • Made with the impressive width of 38.5 cm, and a length of 29 cm
  • Lifetime warranty ensures that the beauty of this piece remains forever

If you look to buy challah trays with an extraordinary design and sophisticated quality, this piece is sure to catch your eye and convince you that it is the perfect choice for you. When you take this small challah tray out of the cabinet and place it on your table, you will feel the beauty of Shabbat entering your home, leaving you wishing that this holy day would come more often.