Height : 5.12 inch
Diameter : 6.30 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $577

Special Price $432


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The fountain of living waters (Jeremiah 17:13)A widespread Jewish custom known as mayim achronim is to wash the hands after a meal but before reciting grace after meals. The custom involves passing a small silver vessel filled with water and an accompanying silver dish, to greet the coming blessing with purity and splendor. Water is poured over the fingertips and used to symbolically wash the hands and the mouth. The Cobalt Decorated Mayim Achronim boasts a sleek and shiny appearance- in tribute to the silvery-white hue of cobalt metal. To achieve this impressive look requires a great deal of skill. Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths must patiently and repeatedly polish the soft silver by hand until the perfect result is achieved- a bright sparkling mayim achronim. The delicate decorations which adorn this mayim achronim add value and prestige to this special piece of silverware.

The Cobalt Collection is inspired by the qualities of the metal cobalt, particularly the strong metallic silver-white color. To reach this bright shade of silver requires polishing and re-polishing the pieces over and over again.

The lengthy process requires a skilled and patient silversmith who is expert in a number of traditional hand-polishing and re-coating techniques; none of which may be skipped in the process of producing these stunning items. The result is a unique collection of bright silver matte artworks each with a striking beauty.