Width : 13.78 inch
Length : 19.69 inch
Material : Wood and Silver Plated


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As part of the Garda collection, the inspiration for this wood and silver challah tray comes from Baroque style designs which portray grandeur and bounty. These pieces are handcrafted by talented artists and include patterns of flowers, leaves and domes that are skillfully fused onto the pieces, along with breathtaking designs that are engraved directly onto the silver.

This beautiful challah board is made of deep brown wood and has an oval shape with sides that curve in and out and add to the design. The board is covered by a thin sheet of glass which is held in place by four small, silver-topped screws, and protects the wood and silver from scratches and cuts. The center of the tray boasts a thin silver sheet with a magnificent design carved into it, finishing the piece with a look of genuine beauty.

The silver insert has a border circling it which is divided into four sections by a partition made in a checkered pattern, with an engraving of flowers and vines featured on each panel. The center of the board has a beautiful engraving of challah loaves surrounded by the words ‘remember the Shabbat day’ written in hebrew, along with the words of the blessing for bread which are separated by a delicate leaf design.

  • Perfectly complements your sterling silver challah knife
  • Created by expert silversmiths, with outstanding quality craftsmanship
  • Impressive width of 35 cm and length of 50 cm
  • Beauty guaranteed to last, with a lifetime warranty

When looking to buy challah trays, choose this wood and silver challah tray as the perfect piece to pair with your silver challah knife and add the special touch to your collection.

The Garda Collection is inspired by Baroque-style, symbolic of abundance and glory, and charming the eye with its appeal to emotion and imagination. Each piece in the Garda Collection demands expert silversmiths, specializing in the art of handmade silver.

Leaves, flowers and the domes at the top and base of the piece are soldered into place with patterns and shapes being hammered into the silver. The creation of each piece requires many, expert and highly specialized artists. The Garda Collection symbolizes devotion, thought and attention to detail.