Torah Cases

One of the most moving moments of prayer in the synagogue is the moment when the ark is opened. As the curtain is moved and the Torah scrolls are revealed- sparks of holiness emanate and illuminate the synagogue. Each Hazorfim Torah Scroll Case is a world of splendor made from high quality sterling silver. Each Torah Scroll Case is different, with a unique style and inspiration. Using sensitivity and skill, Hazorfim artists carve shapes and decorations of holiness which fit around the Torah. The Torah scroll is wrapped in a case of pure silver complete with Rimonim to decorate the Torah Scroll Rollers to which the parchment is attached. The result is both elegant and majestic, sculpted skillfully and with precision. On all Torah Scroll Rollers is etched a different biblical a verse, letters infused with holiness- illuminating the Holy Ark.

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