Height : 11.14 inch
Width : 12.60 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $1,058

Special Price $635


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This silver menorah is an impressive piece of silver art, with an exceptional design and modern feel to it. With this unique menorah holding your Hanukkah flames, you are sure to get many compliments on your sophisticated and fascinating taste in silver. Though it’s not made with a standard menorah form, this exclusive piece will light up your holiday with its outstanding design, spreading its light to the street and expressing the beauty of the festival of lights.

Supported by a circular platform which curves as it rises, this decorative menorah features a ball-shaped piece which rests between the base and the stem. The stem rises diagonally from the platform, and holds one cup at its tip, raising it higher than the others. The arms of this jewish menorah extend diagonally from the stem, getting consecutively longer as they move away from the highest point of the stem, with each one carrying a cup in a cone-shape on top of a ball-like design, and all standing at the same height.


  • Fascinating design and impressive form, made from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to perfection, and easy to maintain
  • Firm base ensures safe use on your table or shelf
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees the beauty of this piece forever


With this pretty menorah as the centerpiece for your Hanukkah table, the atmosphere in your home will shift from ordinary to extraordinary in a matter of minutes. Purchase this silver menorah to add to your collection, thereby enhancing your holiday and making you feel like the true silver expert which you have proven yourself to be.