Height : 14.96 inch
Width : 11.42 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This sterling silver menorah is a privileged member of the Chentarosa collection at Hazorfim, and was thus made to convey the magic of the rose, a flower used to represent nobility and splendor. The pieces in this collection are all handcrafted from pure silver, with our talented silver artists carving lines and adding tiny, skillfully sculpted roses to them. With the elegance and charm of these roses and the beauty which they portray, the Chentarosa collection has become one of the most favored and sought-after collections at Hazorfim.

Standing on a firm, circular platform, this sterling silver menorah narrows slowly as it climbs to reach the stem. The stem is a thin, silver pole which rises to support the branches, and ends abruptly, with the middle branch curving out from its side. The arms of this jewish menorah arch out in sets of two, with each one holding a vase-like cup proudly at its head.

This beautiful menorah boasts thin lines engraved on its base with delicate silver roses resting on them, as well as some roses at the bottom of the stem.


  • Unique menorah with sophisticated design and superior quality
  • Handcrafted completely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Firm base ensures safe use on your table or shelf
  • Free worldwide shipping provided


When this sterling silver menorah stands at your window with the Hanukkah flames lit in its embrace, your holiday will be transformed forever, leaving you feeling a special joy that only pure silver and the festival of lights can bring.

The Chentarosa Collection was chosen to immortalize the magic of the rose; a sweet flower with medicinal qualities, which has been used to symbolize aristocracy and opulence. Each item in the Chentarosa Collection is handmade from pure silver.

An expert silversmith painstakingly carves lines using a chisel and small hammer, before tiny, specially cast, roses are soldered along the length of these tracks. This expert craftsmanship makes the Chentarosa Collection one of Hazorfim’s most popular and desired collections.