Height : 8.03 inch
Width : 7.28 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Pre-Order | 10/30/21

This item is currently in production and a limited quantity will be produced. Place your order now to reserve the product and we will ship it to you when ready.


The Lace Large Hanukiah is an impressive design with stunning decorations. This model boasts larger dimensions. The eight branches nest on exquisite silver decorations which evoke the luxurious feeling and softness of lace. Creating these elegant embellishments requires great skill; silver is a soft metal and precision is required to achieve the stylish and delicate look of lace. The Lace Large Hanukiah rests on a circular stand which is also adorned with ornate decorations. This hand-crafted Hanukiah is a wonderful addition to any home and a beautiful compliment to the mitzvot and miracles of the season.