Height : 38.98 inch
Width : 28.35 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $24,120

Special Price $16,884


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As a proud member of the impressive Ben Yehuda collection at Hazorfim, this large silver menorah has a rich history, and is a genuine masterpiece, with unique patterns and designs. This collection was fashioned by the late Joseph Merdinger who escaped from Europe before the war, taking only his silversmith tools and his dream for Hazorfim- a company where Jews would be able to create jewelry with the customary handcrafting skills used by silversmiths for generations. The silver art in the Ben Yehuda collection is created in the classic imperial design and elaborate styles commonly seen by the Austro-Hungarian Jews.

Standing on an arched base supported by legs of fine silver, this sterling silver menorah then rises and narrows to carry the stem, which begins in a bulb shape, and then thins as it climbs. The stem carries the middle cup above the rest, while the arms made of curled silver branch out from its sides, attached by their tips, with additional curlicues supporting them from below. Each arm on this jewish menorah holds a cup in a vase shape, with a delicate drip pan beneath it.

This unique menorah features beautiful engravings and magnificent embellishments at the center of each arm, along with a small oil jug connected to the side of the stem.


  • Beautifully designed menorah, with a magnificent quality to it
  • Fully handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Adds a great sophistication to your holiday
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the product continues to sparkle forever


When you’re looking for silver menorahs for sale, this impressive large silver menorah, which stands tall at 99 cm, is an ideal choice to spread the beauty of Hanukkah to one and all.

The Ben-Yehuda Collection is the first designed by the late Joseph Merdinger for Hazorfim and is influenced by the baroque-style typical of Austro-Hungarian Jews. Merdinger escaped Europe before the war, carrying only a suitcase containing his silversmith’s tools and his vision for "Hazorfim"- a company to revive the tradition of Jewish jewelry making and the traditional skills of hand-made silver art in the Land of Israel.

The elegant pieces which make-up the Ben-Yehuda Collection, are Joseph’s interpretation of classic imperial designs made famous by Jewish silversmiths from northern Europe.