Height : 9.84 inch
Width : 12.80 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $875

Special Price $525


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This silver menorah is an outstanding work of art, with an exceptional design and fascinating structure. While it’s not made in the traditional form of menorahs, that is exactly why its beauty shines so strongly, and adds such a special dimension to your holiday. At a height of 25 cm, this unique menorah will sparkle brightly when you light the flames in its embrace, spreading the magnificence of the festival of lights to all around, and earning you many compliments from your family and friends in the process.

The round platform of this sterling silver menorah begins to curve in immediately as it rises up to support the stem. The stem is made up of two short silver sticks, formed in an arch and curving away from each other, with a ball-shaped design at each side. The arms of this jewish menorah are also made as arched branches, attached to one another by the ball-like design at the bottom of each one, with the middle arm branching out from the side, and all of them carrying a magnificent cup made in a tulip shape underneath a wide rim.


  • Sparkling menorah handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to perfection, and easy to maintain
  • Firm base supports this piece on your table
  • Adds a sophisticated and unique touch to your holiday


When looking through all the silver menorahs for sale, this beautiful silver menorah is sure to catch your eye, and convince you that it is the special one you were searching for.