Height : 22.83 inch
Width : 14.57 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $1,311


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As a privileged member of the beautiful Bakio collection at Hazorfim, the inspiration for this silver menorah came when our artists visited the city of Bakio which is located in the Basque region of Spain. The Bakio collection features a wide array of styles blended together, with the base of each piece in Gothic-style with additional Baroque-style designs, and expertly interwoven strands of silver, masterfully joined and painstakingly added by hand. These pieces were created as an exquisite salute to the gorgeous vineyards that are found in the Bakio Valley.

Supported by a firm base standing on four legs of finely intertwined silver, the platform of this sterling silver menorah then curves in and rises to hold the stem. The round stem thins as it climbs, with a design between each set of branches, and carries the middle cup at its top. Each arm of this jewish menorah branches out with a partner in a wide arc, one on either side of the stem, holding a cup with a broad rim, which narrows and curves in, ending in a slimmer base.

This pretty menorah features ornate engravings on the base, stem, and each of the cups, as well as on the small oil jug that is connected at the side of the stem.


  • Unique menorah handcrafted from 925 sterling silver
  • Created with a superior quality and design
  • Stands tall at 58 cm, to spread the light of Hanukkah to everyone around
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your convenience


This silver menorah will act as the perfect piece in which to light your Hanukkah candles and spread the joy of the holiday to one and all.

The inspiration for this unique collection followed a visit by Hazorfim’s artists to the city of Bakio in Spain’s Basque region. Bakio is home to a mesmerizing mix of styles which inspired our stunning new range of silver art. The foundation of the pieces in the collection is Gothic-style, which boasts additional Baroque-style decorations. Further elegance comes from skillfully sculpted silver tendrils which intertwine and are carefully added by hand. The Bakio Collection is an optimistic tribute to the beautiful vineyards of the Bakio Valley.