Height : 13.98 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

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Special Price $1,783


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A magnificent table set proudly for Shabbat, with a gorgeous tablecloth and elegant china. Sparkling flames lit atop sterling silver candle holders, the light reflecting off the silver in striking beauty. These jewish silver candlesticks from Hazorfim can help you achieve this breathtaking image for your home.

Standing on a thin, but sturdy, silver platform with long legs supporting it, these judaica silver candlesticks then rise elegantly and narrow greatly before the stem, with an exquisite design. The stem begins with a ball-shaped piece, narrowing considerably again, and then changing to a long round stem, which thins as it climbs, curving out again slightly at the top. The cups of these candlesticks are round on the bottom, and then straighten out, with a wide rim, finishing these gorgeous pieces impressively.

Featured on the base and part of the stem of these exclusive candlesticks is an ornate design, engraved skillfully into the silver, adding a regal look to these striking pieces.


  • Handcrafted from pure sterling silver for a look of exceptional beauty
  • Stand tall at 35.5 cm, making a spectacular centerpiece for your table
  • Polished to a shine to allow the silver to shine brightly
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When choosing beautiful candlesticks to light up your home, you are no doubt looking for only the best option. These jewish silver candlesticks are made completely from 925 sterling silver, and will look magnificent on your table, adding the perfect glow to your Shabbat