Height : 10.63 inch
Width : 10.43 inch
Diameter : 3.94 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Created in the unique style of the Savion collection at Hazorfim, this kiddush cup fountain set was made to honor spring. Each piece in this collection boasts many delicate flowers which are handcrafted from pure silver by Hazorfim’s talented silversmiths and placed at the edge and center of every piece, along with beautiful vines and petals that are engraved around the flowers to add to the elegance of the piece. The pieces in the Savion collection are magnificent masterpieces worthy of gracing your table, and will enhance your home in ways you could only have imagined before.

This wine fountain stands on a plate which is supported by legs of finely carved silver. At the center of the plate, a silver rod rises up, with eight arms curving out at its top like the branches of a tree, and a cup at its head into which the wine is poured. The wine flows from the cup through the branches, pouring into the sterling silver kiddush cups which are placed in a neat circle around the plate.

Each section of this piece, along with the judaica kiddush cups, boasts beautiful engravings of vines and leaves, as well as delicate flower embellishments.

  • Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver
  • Easy way to distribute wine to everyone present
  • Magnificent design and exceptional quality
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

What does the kiddush cup symbolize? The kiddush cup is special because we use it to recite the blessings to welcome in the Shabbat, which in turn brings blessing into our homes. Add this kiddush cup fountain set to your collection and experience this blessing for yourself.

The Savion Collection is an elegant and joyful range which celebrates spring. Each piece in the collection is decorated with hundreds of tiny flowers, all sculpted from pure silver and hand-made by Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths. The flowers, which appear in the center and at the edge of the pieces, are surrounded by intertwining petals added by Hazorfim’s silver artists to give the items additional grandeur.

The Savion Collection is a range of pieces which make for a great holiday gift and adorn every home or table.