Height : 9.45 inch
Diameter : 9.45 inch
Length : 9.84 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $9,356

Special Price $7,952


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With this beautiful silver wine fountain added to your collection of judaica silver pieces, your table will sparkle brilliantly each Shabbat when you recite the hebrew blessing over wine at the onset of this holy day.This elegant silver fountain stands on a circular platform which arches in and climbs slightly, before curving in greatly and then widening again, with a small silver chain at its narrowest point.

A big silver plate sits at the top of the base, with a silver rod at its center which rises to support another plate, and has a big kiddush cup at its head. Above each plate is a silver disc with thin tracks running across it, through which the wine flows from the cup on top into the small judaica kiddush cups which are placed in a circle around the rod on the plate.

Each of the cups is made with a wide bottom which curves out and back in, before straightening abruptly and rising to the top, ending with a wider lip. A delicate silver chain rests at the point where each cup straightens out, with an ornate grape cluster hanging from it. Clusters of grapes are placed at the edge of the silver disc at the end of each track, as well as on the border of the bottom plate.

  • Crafted to perfection by our talented silver artists
  • Handmade entirely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Polished to a shine, with an incredible sparkle
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

This exquisite silver wine fountain will add a look of exceptional beauty to your dining room each week, making it the ideal choice for you.