Height : 10.43 inch
Width : 10.24 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

  We offer engraving on all of our silver items. Engraving can be done in Hebrew, English, or a combination of the two. Please note, engraving will delay shipping by up to 5 days.
Minimum charge $18 for up to 10 letters. Any additional letter $1.

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As a member of the Chentarosa collection at Hazorfim, this kiddush wine fountain conveys the magic of a rose, which portrays nobility and splendor. The pieces in this collection are handcrafted by our expert silversmiths who carve lines and add delicate roses to them, creating beautiful pieces which are from the most sought-after at Hazorfim.

This beautiful kiddush cup fountain stands on a circular plate which is supported by legs of finely carved silver. A silver rod rises from the center of the plate, and has eight arms curving out from its top like the branches of a tree, along with a silver cup at its head into which the wine is poured. The wine flows from the cup on top through the branches and into the eight small silver kiddush cups which are placed in a neat circle on the plate.

Each of the cups from this silver wine fountain, as well as the plate on which they are placed, features fine lines etched into the silver, with delicate roses resting at the points where the lines meet. Small silver roses are also placed at the top and bottom of each of the branches of this piece, finishing it with a look of exceptional beauty.

  • Handcrafted completely from 925 sterling silver
  • Magnificent design and exceptional quality craftsmanship
  • Convenient way to distribute wine to all
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

Add this piece to your collection of Jewish Shabbat finery for a table that will sparkle brilliantly each week.

The Chentarosa Collection was chosen to immortalize the magic of the rose; a sweet flower with medicinal qualities, which has been used to symbolize aristocracy and opulence. Each item in the Chentarosa Collection is handmade from pure silver.

An expert silversmith painstakingly carves lines using a chisel and small hammer, before tiny, specially cast, roses are soldered along the length of these tracks. This expert craftsmanship makes the Chentarosa Collection one of Hazorfim’s most popular and desired collections.