Height : 12.20 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 750ml

Regular Price: $1,149

Special Price $804


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When you place this crystal wine bottle on your table, the room will take on a look of sophistication and opulence which it’s never had before. The silver and crystal will sparkle brilliantly, earning you compliments from everyone who sees this beautiful piece.

This exquisite wine bottle stands on an arched, round silver base which curves in and then rises slightly, with a circular design beneath the crystal. The body of the bottle is made from crystal and bends out from the base, straightening when it reaches its widest point and climbing a little before curving back in and arching up to reach the neck. The neck rises slightly and then changes back to silver, widening at the top on one side to form a spout, with a beautiful handle arching out from its side and a thin cover on its head.

The base and neck of this magnificent bottle are made of silver and boast magnificent carved designs, finishing the piece with a look of majesty which is truly second to none.

  • Created with an outstanding design and exceptional quality
  • Firm base ensures safe use on your table
  • Adds a look of luxury to your table each week
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

This elegant piece is sure to stand out when you look to buy crystal wine bottles, captivating you with its extreme beauty and sophistication, and convincing you that it’s the one you’ve been searching for. With this crystal wine bottle enhancing your table each Shabbat, you will never want the day to end.