Height : 11.02 inch
Width : 4.13 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Created in the style of the Bugatti collection at Hazorfim, the inspiration for this sterling silver liquor decanter comes from the Bagatelle design of Hazorfim which boasts the sleek, glowing look of a polished diamond. These silver judaica pieces are made by our most talented silversmiths who expend much time and effort to create the perfect edges featured by this silver collection.

This magnificent wine pourer is supported by a circular platform which curves in and climbs to meet the body. The body arches out from the base and widens as it rises, before narrowing again slightly, with a platform-like piece at its top. The platform thins into the neck of the bottle, rising and featuring a ring-like design, where it begins to widen again, and then ends with a broader lip with an elegant stopper resting in it.

This bottle boasts exquisite engravings which resemble leaves and vines, as well as some linear patterns, all of which blend together to make this piece a work of art which is sure to enhance your table each week as you recite the Shabbat wine blessings.

  • Made by our talented artists from 925 sterling silver
  • Handcrafted with an outstanding quality and incredible design
  • Impressive height of 28 cm and width of 10.5 cm
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

With your Jewish wine flowing from this sterling silver liquor decanter each Shabbat and bringing a special sparkle to your table, you will know you made the right decision in adding this piece to your collection.

The Bugatti Collection is inspired by our Bagatelle design- a range of silver art which boasts the sleek, polished look of a diamond. Creating silver designs which maintain a luster and finish which mimics the look of a diamond is a technical challenge requiring highly skilled silversmiths. Hazorfim’s experts invest time, knowledge and skill to create the sharp, bright edges which result in a look associated with high-quality diamonds.