Height : 8.07 inch
Length : 8.07 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 360 ml


Like the stars in the night (From the liturgical poetry of Rabbi David Ben Hassin)

The Kiddush Cup revered as Elijah’s Cup is an especially beautiful Kiddush cup as befits the tradition of Elijah the prophet. The Bellagio Decorated Elijah’s Cup is a beautiful piece of silver art which brightens your holiday table. The soft, gentle curves which envelop the cup are inspired by the Italian village of Bellagio which rests on the shores of Lake Como. Bellagio’s noble and beautiful landscapes provide the inspiration for the design of this cup which perfectly reflects, in pure silver, the very heart of Italy. The decorations which surround the cup are a wonderful compliment to this elegant piece- adding the shimmer and sparkle of stars that reflect in the Italian lakes.

Pieces from the Bellagio Collection are handcrafted from pure silver using traditional hand-craft techniques. The collection gets its name from the ancient Italian village of Bellagio, on the shores of Lake Como. The collection draws its inspiration from the beautiful scenery surrounding the lake; the mountains reflected in the water and the estates built by Lombard aristocrats which surround it. Each pure silver piece in the Bellagio Collection is enlivened with delicate hand-crafted decorations.