Height : 4.02 inch
Diameter : 2.91 inch
Material : Gold Plated and Sterling Silver 925

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If you’re looking to buy silver kiddush cup sets with a magnificent and sophisticated look, this is the perfect piece for you. This silver kiddush cup set has a design that is sure to catch your eye and your heart with its outstanding beauty, and it is therefore a welcome addition to any collection of silver table finery. As with all the judaica silver pieces at Hazorfim, this set was fashioned with a superior quality craftsmanship, which is immediately obvious to anyone who sees the piece, earning you countless compliments on your outstanding taste in silver art.

The plate of this unique kiddush cup set has a smooth silver center surrounded by a wide border. The border has a wide rim made of interlaced threads with a brilliant gold color and spaces between each strand of gold which gives the plate a beautiful and rich look, worthy of gracing any table.

The silver cup of this set stands on a circular platform and rises minimally as it climbs to the top. The cup sits in what looks like a basket made of interwoven threads of gold, with gaps between each slat of gold through which you can see the smooth silver cup, and a border of silver sticking out from the top of the basket, for a piece with exceptional beauty.

  • Made with a look of majesty and sophistication
  • Firm base ensures spill-free use on your table
  • Handcrafted with an outstanding quality and perfection
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

Add this silver kiddush cup set to your collection for a sparkling table each and every week.