Height : 5.51 inch
Diameter : 4.53 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Created in the impressive style of the Hammering collection at Hazorfim, this silver netilat yadayim cup was made to pay tribute to the traditional procedure of handcrafting silver, a skill which demands much time and effort. The pieces in this collection are created by hammering the silver thousands of times, a form of art which has nearly been forgotten. The collection was started by Hazorfim to bring this method back to the creation of silver art, and can only be formed by the most skilled silversmiths who work painstakingly to produce these beautiful pieces exclusively for our valued customers.

This magnificent silver washing cup stands on a circular platform which curves in and rises slightly, with a round, ring-like design beneath the cup. The cup climbs directly from the base, widening minimally as it reaches the top, and ending with a broader lip. Two elegant handles curl out from the rim of this Jewish hand washing cup and attach at its base, and the cup features a magnificent hammered design which finishes the piece with a look of extreme beauty which is sure to catch your eye.

  • Jewish washing cup with superior quality craftsmanship and design
  • Made completely from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Magnificent design adds beauty to your collection
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your convenience

With this silver netilat yadayim cup gracing your collection of silver finery, your netilat yadayim experience will be taken to the next level, allowing you to enjoy this piece anew each time you raise it to wash your hands.

The Hammering Collection is a collection born of love for the traditional hand-processing of silver- an art that requires patience, and highly-skilled silversmiths. The stylish look of this hammered foil technique is created by thousands of small hammer blows and it is a skill which has almost disappeared from the world.

Hazorfim created this collection to return this traditional hand-crafting technique to the production of silver art. The Hammering Collection is an elegant range of value for money, prestigious and pure matt pieces of silver art which honors an almost-forgotten technique known only to master silversmiths.