Height : 7.68 inch
Width : 1.38 inch
Material : Wood and Silver Plated


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This wood and silver mezuzah case is crafted with exceptional quality and a superior design, and will therefore stand out when you look to buy mezuzah cases. When you hang this case from your doorpost at the entrance to your home, you will enjoy its beauty each and every time you pass through your front door.

This beautiful mezuzah for front doors is made in a long, narrow shape, with the impressive height of 19.5 cm and width of 3.5 cm, and the top and bottom curving up diagonally in opposite directions, adding an elegant dimension to the piece.

The frame of this case is made of a deep brown wood, and a sheet of silver covers its front, with a rim around its edges to separate it from the wood. The top and bottom of the silver feature beautiful engravings of flowers, with the hebrew letter ‘shin’ carved beneath the top flower as an abbreviation for the name of Hashem, while the remainder of the silver is smooth and undecorated.

  • Crafted to perfection by our talented silver artists
  • Adds an exceptional sparkle to your doorframe
  • Fully protects the mezuzah parchment inside
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this piece forever

When you see this wooden mezuzah case which is created with a magnificent design, you will know immediately that it’s the piece for you. Add this wood and silver mezuzah case to your collection for a doorway that will sparkle brilliantly in the sun.