Height : 7.68 inch
Width : 1.38 inch
Material : Silver Plated


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If you’re trying to find out where to buy a mezuzah with the most beautiful design and exceptional quality craftsmanship, Hazorfim and this outstanding wood and silver mezuzah case are the ones for you. This mezuzah for front door use will sparkle brightly in the sunlight, catching the eye of anyone who passes by your home and earning you compliments on your extraordinary taste in silver finery, making you feel like the true expert you have proven yourself to be.

This magnificent wooden mezuzah case is made in a long, thin shape, with the top and bottom curving in and around in an elegant design. The frame of this case is made of a deep brown wood, with a sheet of silver covering its front, and a small window at the center of the case through which you can see the mezuzah parchment inside. The silver is decorated with engravings of silver swirls and a small crown at the top, beneath which is carved the hebrew letter ‘shin’ that serves as an abbreviation for the name of Hashem.

  • Created with the impressive height of 19.5 cm, and a width of 3.5 cm
  • Made with an extraordinary design and an incredible shine
  • Crafted to perfection by our talented silver artists
  • Completely covers and protects the mezuzah parchment inside
  • Adds a look of class to your doorway

Add this beautiful wood and silver mezuzah case to your collection and be forever grateful for having made such a wise decision.