Height : 4.72 inch
Material : Silver Plated


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The beauty of this silver mezuzah case will sparkle brilliantly from the front door of your home, catching the eye of anyone who passes by and earning you numerous compliments on your outstanding taste in silver art, making you feel like the true silver expert you have proven yourself to be.

This beautiful mezuzah for front door use has a long, rectangular shape and a height of 12 cm. The front of the mezuzah case is made of magnificent silver- plated cutouts of the seven species, including stalks of wheat and pomegranates, with hollow spaces between them and the Hebrew letter ‘shin’ cut out at the top of the case as an abbreviation for the name of Hashem.

The inside of this modern mezuzah case is hollowed out and has a red background along with a small, clear tube in the center in which to place the mezuzah parchment.

  • Completely protects the mezuzah parchment inside
  • Handmade by our expert silversmiths
  • Adds a look of exceptional class to your front door
  • Spectacular design will last forever with a lifetime warranty

When you find yourself wondering where to buy a mezuzah with the most beautiful design and superior quality craftsmanship, Hazorfim is the obvious choice for you. Each part of this magnificent silver mezuzah case is skillfully crafted by our talented silver artists, resulting in a piece with exceptional beauty and sophistication, making it the perfect item for you to add to your collection of silver finery.