Material : Sterling Silver 925


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With this sterling silver mezuzah case gracing your doorpost, your home will take on a look of extreme elegance and sophistication, earning you countless compliments from your family and friends alike when they witness your outstanding taste in silver art.

This beautiful mezuzah case has a long, narrow shape, with a tube-like design with a hammered pattern down its center and the hebrew letter shin near its top as an abbreviation for the name of Hashem. The sides of this case extend from the tube, with a pillar- like design on either side of it, with each one boasting a linear pattern. A ring design rests at the top and bottom of the tube, with shelf- like pieces on their ends, and pieces which resemble tulips resting where the pillar designs meet the shelf.

A beautiful silver crown is placed at the head of this mezuzah case and carved with an exceptional pattern, adding a look of majesty to the piece and making it the perfect choice when you look to buy mezuzah cases.

  • Created with superior quality craftsmanship and an exceptional design
  • Made from pure 925 sterling silver by our talented silver artists
  • Polished to perfection, with an incredible shine
  • Free worldwide shipping provided for your added convenience

When you have this magnificent silver mezuzah case hanging by your front door, the doorway of your home will sparkle brilliantly in the sunlight, bringing you great joy each and every time you pass through it.