Height : 7.48 inch
Material : Wood and Silver Plated

Regular Price: $48

Special Price $43


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With this decorated chamsa mezuzah hanging on your doorpost, you are sure to receive compliments from your family and friends on your exceptional taste in silver art. When you place the mezuzah parchment inside this mezuzah case and hang it by the entrance to your home, you will be protected from the dangers that surround you in your life, with the chamsa protecting you from the evil eye as well.

This modern mezuzah is made in a long shape which narrows as it reaches the ends, finishing with a point. The base of the mezuzah case is crafted of a deep brown wood, with a narrow rim surrounding the silver insert at the center of the piece. A design is etched into the bottom of the silver, with a cutout of a chamsa hand at the top of the insert and small blue stones resting both above and below the hand.

  • Crafted to perfection by our talented silver artists
  • Completely protects the mezuzah parchment inside it
  • Made with the impressive height of 19 cm
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this piece lasts forever

The beauty of this contemporary mezuzah shines from its magnificent design, and will dazzle brilliantly in the sun when you hang it on the frame at the entrance to your home. When you add this beautiful decorated chamsa mezuzah to your collection of silver finery, you will be showing the great respect that you have for the mitzvah of mezuzah in the most exceptional fashion.