Height : 4.92 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This silver mezuzah case is a masterful work of art which will truly enhance the frame of any door which it is placed on. This mezuzah for front doors is placed on the doorpost of your home as protection for your home and its residents. The outstanding design of this piece will add beauty to the way you carry out this mitzvah of mezuzah, thereby showing the importance with which you honor the mitzvot.

This beautiful mezuzah is made in a long, tube- like shape, with the ends curving in and then flattening out like the mouthpiece of a flute. The letter shin is placed near the top of the case, as an abbreviation for the name of Hashem. The mezuzah case is 12.5 cm long and is made entirely from 925 sterling silver.

  • Created with a superior quality craftsmanship and exceptional design
  • Made from pure 925 sterling silver, with an impressive shine
  • Brings a special protection to your home
  • Fully protects the mezuzah parchment which is placed inside

When you add this piece to your collection of silver finery and use it on your doorpost, the entrance to your home will take on an extremely classy look. The beauty of this mezuzah case comes from the simple design with which it was crafted, resulting in a piece with a sophistication which is hard to find elsewhere. With this silver mezuzah case on your doorpost, you will receive countless compliments on your exceptional taste in silver art.