Height : 6.89 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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When you use this silver spice box as you recite the havdalah blessings when the Jewish Sabbath comes to a close, your dining room will take on an exceptional look of elegance and sophistication which is hard to match.This elegant silver bessomim box is supported by a circular platform which curves in slowly as it climbs to meet the body, with a small ring design separating the two.

The body widens gradually as it rises from the stem, stopping abruptly and featuring a wide rim, before it arches back in and extends upward, with a long neck which curves out minimally at the top. The cover of this bessomim box begins with a wide rim, and then immediately arches in and out, narrowing again as it climbs to the top and ending with a small silver ball at its point.

A beautiful and intricate design of vines is carved into the body of this piece, with a floral embellishment at its center, and an additional ornament at the top of the cover, finishing the piece with a look of extraordinary beauty and class.

  • Handmade from pure 925 sterling silver, with an outstanding design
  • Adds a look of class to your table each week
  • Boasts the impressive height of 17.5 cm
  • Keeps the spices inside smelling fresh from week to week

With this magnificent silver spice box gracing your table with its beauty each and every week, you will receive countless compliments on your exceptional taste in silver art, leaving you grateful that you made the wise decision to purchase this piece.