Width : 43.31 inch
Length : 59.45 inch
Material : Silver Plated

Regular Price: $52

Special Price $35


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With this magnificent large matchbox holder placed near your Shabbat or holiday candles, your table or shelf will take on a look of beauty and sophistication which you have never been privileged to see before.

This matchbox holder is a definite luxury that will add a look of elegance to the room, making you seem like a true silver expert and earning you numerous compliments from your family and friends alike.This beautiful silver matchbox holder is made in a rectangular shape with only three sides, so it can hold a box of matches tightly in place and leave the striking surface easily accessible.

The bigger side of the rectangle has a thin line engraved in it close to the edges, leaving a small rim of silver around it on the outside. Carved into the center of the holder are engravings of stalks of wheat and pomegranates, all of which seem to flow from the bottom corner of the piece, finishing the matchbox holder with a look of elegance which is hard to find elsewhere.

  • Brings a look of class and sophistication to any Shabbat or event
  • Polished to a shine, with a spectacular sparkle
  • Handcrafted completely by the talented silver artists at Hazorfim
  • Lifetime warranty ensures that this piece always remains as beautiful as the day you bought it

Add this large matchbox holder to your collection of silver finery, and turn any Shabbat or party into a classy occasion which you can be proud of.