Height : 5.08 inch
Width : 2.17 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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This magnificent modern havdalah set was crafted in the impressive style of the Bagatel collection at Hazorfim, with its inspiration coming from the exquisite Bagatel diamond. This diamond is difficult to polish, and the expert silversmiths at Hazorfim have created silver art with an extraordinary sparkle resembling the shine of a well-polished diamond. The pieces in the Bagatel collection are handcrafted with sharp sides to imitate the look of a gleaming diamond, and are made up of many parts, requiring much time and skill to create these masterpieces.

These pieces stand on a square platform which rises minimally before curving out slightly to meet the body. The body arches inwards, and has a big border at its center, dividing the piece in half, before it arches back out and ends in a square top. The havdalah candle holder has an opening on the head through which you can place a candle, and the bessomim box has a round cover so as to keep the spices inside smelling fresh.

Each side of these magnificent pieces is decorated with an elegant, finely etched design made to look like medallions, finishing the piece with a look of true beauty and sophistication.

  • Polished to perfection, with an incredible sparkle
  • Made from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Impressive height of 12.9 cm, and width of 5.5 cm
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

When you look to buy havdalah sets with the most elegance and class, choose this modern havdalah set and you’ll forever be grateful at having made such a wise purchase.

Bagatel is a type of luxury diamond that is incredibly difficult to polish. This diamond inspired Hazorfim’s artists when they created the Bagatel Collection, resulting in silver artworks that share a sparkling, clean and polished appearance.

To maintain the brilliance and finish of a diamond when working with silver, Hazorfim’s artists had to overcome the soft nature of the metal, creating pieces with sharp and brilliant sides. Each piece in the Bagatel Collection is a complex arrangement of many parts, requiring time, knowledge and expertise- just like working with quality diamonds.