Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Yakov Merdinger: In the course of designing the Carlos collection, we reached a level of workmanship and exquisiteness that rendered it timeless, able to retain its popularity from generation to generation. As an artist, I name each collection that I create, spontaneously and by association. Only after I've completed the creative process and I examine the finished product do I understand that the name was Divine in origin, brought down through me. This collection is based on a combination of connected circle-and-square motifs, with delicate hand-hammered etching on the protruding round part, and hand-sculpted leaves of various sizes that join and become a single unit soldered onto the square. Both motifs complement one another, as if they'd co-existed for hundreds of years, gracing the tables of royalty and nobility. As it dawned on me that there can be no logical explanation for such a mystery, I named the collection Carlos – a throwback to earlier dynasties in faraway places.