Height : 4.13 inch
Width : 3.46 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $420

Special Price $315


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Pleasant words are like honeycomb (Proverbs 16:24)When the New Year comes it brings with it a fresh breeze of renewal. A prominent New Year tradition is the custom of dipping apples into honey to “renew us for a good and sweet year”. In honor of the occasion we decorate the holiday table in all it finery; including elegant vessels to contain the delicious, sweet honey. The Cento Rosa Honey Dish connects perfectly with the custom of dipping apples in honey. The tiny roses and flowers which adorn this exquisite honey dish are a symbol of nobility and prestige and are hand-carved by our master silversmiths. Honey is the nectar of pleasure and this luxurious honey dish one of Hazorfim’s most sought after pieces.

The Chentarosa Collection was chosen to immortalize the magic of the rose; a sweet flower with medicinal qualities, which has been used to symbolize aristocracy and opulence. Each item in the Chentarosa Collection is handmade from pure silver.

An expert silversmith painstakingly carves lines using a chisel and small hammer, before tiny, specially cast, roses are soldered along the length of these tracks. This expert craftsmanship makes the Chentarosa Collection one of Hazorfim’s most popular and desired collections.