Height : 5.12 inch
Width : 7.87 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $851

Special Price $596


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Who turned the rock into a pool of water (Psalms 114:8)From generation to generation, Jews have fulfilled the mitzvah of bringing together the fruit of a beautiful tree with palm fronds, myrtle and willow branches. Maintaining the beauty and fragrance of the Etrog is paramount as even the slightest blemish disqualifies this beautiful fruit- thus was born the custom of storing the Etrog in an elegant silver case. The Hammering Hadar Large Etrog Box is a rare and exquisitely formed piece of art- like a pure silver shell resting on the sea floor. The opulent appearance is created with the special hammering technique, which flattens the soft silver with thousands of small hammer blows. All that remains is to gently prise open the silver shell and discover the pearl inside- the fruit of a beautiful tree. The special proportions of this piece add value and prestige to this Etrog box.

The Hammering Collection is a collection born of love for the traditional hand-processing of silver- an art that requires patience, and highly-skilled silversmiths. The stylish look of this hammered foil technique is created by thousands of small hammer blows and it is a skill which has almost disappeared from the world.

Hazorfim created this collection to return this traditional hand-crafting technique to the production of silver art. The Hammering Collection is an elegant range of value for money, prestigious and pure matt pieces of silver art which honors an almost-forgotten technique known only to master silversmiths.