Height : 6.30 inch
Width : 0.79 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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When you look to buy mezuzahs online, this silver mezuzah case will stand out as one made with the superior quality craftsmanship and magnificent design of all Hazorfim’s products, convincing you that it’s precisely the piece you were searching for to add to your collection. Each time you walk in and out of your front door you will once again notice the beauty of this mezuzah case, leaving you grateful at the wise decision you made in purchasing this piece.

This beautiful mezuzah is made of sterling silver 925 and has a long, narrow rectangular shape, with the top and bottom curving out and meeting in a point. The case features a horizontal linear pattern at the point where the rectangle ends and the sides start curving to the top. The hebrew letter ‘shin’ is placed on the top half of the case, as an abbreviation for the name of Hashem.

  • Impressive height of 16 cm, with a width of 2 cm
  • Made from pure 925 sterling silver, with an incredible sparkle
  • Completely protects the mezuzah parchment inside
  • Magnificent design will last forever with a lifetime warranty

When you place a kosher mezuzah parchment inside this elegant mezuzah case and hang it by your door, you will be showing the world that yours is a Jewish home, while reminding everyone inside of their connection to G-d in a most beautiful fashion. This silver mezuzah case will sparkle from your doorway, catching the attention of one and all, thereby earning you countless compliments on your exceptional taste in silver art.