Height : 14.57 inch
Width : 6.30 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $1,626

Special Price $1,219


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This gorgeous bottle is sure to stand out when you look to purchase silver wine bottles, and will add a look of sophistication to your table which you have never been privileged to before. With the sparkle of this sterling silver wine bottle radiating through the room, your home will take on an extraordinary Shabbat glow, allowing you to appreciate this special day on a new level.

Standing on a round base, this magnificent wine bottle then arches in immediately, rising minimally before reaching the body of the bottle. The body curves out from the base and widens as it climbs, with a platform-like piece extending from its top and beginning to narrow into the neck. The neck of the bottle rises proudly and curves out at one side when it reaches the top to form a spout, with an elegant stopper resting on it and a beautiful handle curving out from its side and connecting to the body by the platform.

This bottle features magnificent engravings of leaves and vines etched into its base and body, along with an exceptional leaf embellishment which is placed at the top of the body just under the platform. The neck and handle boast additional vine engravings, and a linear pattern is etched into the base of the platform and the stopper, finishing this piece with a look of outstanding beauty.

  • Polished to a shine, with an exceptional glow
  • Adds a touch of class to your table each week
  • Made from 925 sterling silver, with a superior quality
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

Add this sterling silver wine bottle to your collection and be forever grateful at having made such a wise decision.