Height : 14.17 inch
Diameter : 3.94 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $1,961

Special Price $1,078


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As a proud member of the Arco collection at Hazorfim, this silver wine decanter was inspired by a tree and the strength it represents. Each item in the collection is supported by a firm base, like a tree with roots set deeply in the ground. The pieces boast designs that resemble leaves and vines which are skillfully crafted by our talented silversmiths.

This magnificent decanter stands on a circular base which immediately arches in and rises to reach the body. The body curves out from the platform and widens as it climbs, with its broadest point at the top where a platform-like piece rests and begins to narrow into the neck. The neck of this liquor decanter climbs to the top with one side widening to form a spout and an elegant stopper sitting in it, and a beautiful handle curling out from the side of the lip and connecting at the top of the body.

This silver judaica bottle features exquisite engravings and designs made to look like vines, including a linear pattern on the stopper, and a medallion-like embellishment on each side of the body, making it the perfect piece for you when you look to buy silver wine decanters.

  • Crafted to perfection from 925 sterling silver
  • Impressive height of 36 cm and diameter of 10 cm
  • Polished to a shine, with an exceptional sparkle
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

With this extraordinary silver wine decanter gracing your table each week as you recite the Shabbat wine blessing, your table will glow brightly, assuring you that you made the right decision in adding this piece to your collection.

The Arco Collection is inspired by the form of the tree, rooted in the ground and standing tall. The resulting pieces are constructed on bases of firm, well-established arches which rise up to form a collection of superior silverware. Each piece is adorned with delicate and intricate decorations styled on the leaves of a tree.

Hazorfim’s skilled silver artists patiently hand-sculpt the body of each piece and the decorations which adorn it; an exact process demanding skill and attention to the smallest of details. The time dedicated to each piece in the Arco Collection symbolizes the effort and thought devoted to nurturing and strengthening the family unit- honoring the mitzvot and reminding us of the importance of strong family roots.