Height : 3.35 inch
Diameter : 8.27 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 195

Regular Price: $889

Special Price $666


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The shine from the flames held by your silver Shabbat candlesticks will radiate of this silver kiddush cup set in a brilliant fashion, lighting up the room with the special glow which is brought about by this holy day, and making you wish that it would come more often. This elegant set will enable you to welcome in the Shabbat in the most beautiful way you can, allowing you to experience the joy of the day on a whole new level.

The sterling silver plate of this set has a smooth, round center surrounded by a wide, square border. The border is divided into four sections, with a beautiful vine pattern etched into each one, and a small floral adornment acting as a partition. A magnificent vine embellishment surrounds the plate at the rim of the border.

The cup of this unique kiddush cup set rises immediately from its circular base and widens slightly as it climbs to the top. An exquisite vine design is featured on every side of the cup, with a floral ornament separating each one, and a silver rim at the top and bottom of the cup.

  • Made with a magnificent design and superior quality craftsmanship
  • Handcrafted from 925 sterling silver
  • Plate catches any accidental spills from the kiddush cup
  • Lifetime warranty ensures the beauty of this set forever

When you add this silver kiddush cup set to your collection, you will earn countless compliments from your family and friends on your outstanding taste in silver art.