Height : 8.66 inch
Diameter : 9.06 inch
Length : 8.66 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,657

Special Price $2,258


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With this silver wine fountain gracing your table each and every week, you will be showing the great honor and respect which you give to the Jewish Shabbat.This beautiful kiddush wine fountain stands on a plate, and a silver rod rises from the middle, with a big judaica kiddush cup at the top into which the wine is poured.

A silver disc rests under the cup, with thin tracks running over it through which the wine flows into smaller kiddush cups that neatly encircle the rod on the plate. The cups all have a wide bottom that arches out and back in before straightening out and rising up, finishing with a wider lip.

Each of the cups boasts an ornate silver chain at the point where it starts to rise, with an elegant grape cluster hanging from the chain. At the end of each track on the disc rests a cluster of grapes, and the silver rod in the center of the plate features a linear design. A delicate silver handle extends from either side of the plate, with a cluster of grapes at its base and a vine wrapped around the handle, giving the piece a look of extreme beauty.

  • Impressive height of 22 cm and diameter of 23 cm
  • Handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver
  • Made with an extraordinary quality and outstanding design
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

This exquisite silver wine fountain will add an exceptional look of beauty to your table, leaving you grateful that you added it to your collection of Shabbat finery.