Height : 19.29 inch
Width : 12.20 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $3,077

Special Price $2,307


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Placing this 9 arm candelabra in your living room is akin to lighting a cozy fire to warm your family and welcome your guests. This striking work of art will capture a prominent presence in your home, as it does in your heart. A proud member of the Comino collection, inspired by an ancient fireplace, this silver candelabra is truly one of a kind.

Admiring this unusual 9 arm silver candelabra brings you back several generations, to a time less complicated and less stressful. The glow of the light from the Shabbat candles reflects along the highly polished silver panels to envelop your family in cozy warmth, and the detailed carvings of this sterling silver candelabra evoke a traditional yet elaborate rug lit up by the nearby fireplace.

This stunning 9 candle candelabra offers you the opportunity to light one glowing candle for each member of your family. This Judaica piece also features:

  • A square, stable base so your silver candelabra won’t topple over
  • A larger candelabra, designed to light up your living room with warmth and comfort
  • A unique piece handcrafted by a team of silversmiths, each with a different speciality

If you're looking for a 9 arm candelabra, look no further than the Comino collection. This elegant work of art could be yours today!

The Comino Collection is inspired by the sight of an ancient fireplace; its flames emitting their glowing warmth. The uniqueness of the Comino Collection is how it warms the appearance of the home when in position. All pieces in the collection are hand-made by a team of silversmiths- each with a different specialism: metal spinning, hammering and fine polishing.

Hazorfim’s unique, patented polishing method assures that light from the Shabbat candles reflects from the silver panels to envelop us like a cozy fireplace. The Comino Collection is a unique range of silver art which distributes ambient light and joy to the family home.