Height : 8.46 inch
Width : 5.71 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $451

Special Price $293


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We are looking here at a unique 2 arm silver candelabra, a style of its own, its shape not resembling a typical candelabra. Just as Socrates was an original thinker, so too is this piece an original Judaica silver piece.

Set on 4 delicate sterling silver feet and on a square base, this 2 arm silver candelabra is surprisingly shaped with a low center tip and 2 rising branches on either side of it. The center tip is rounded and covered in leaf like engravings and the branches are round, starting off thin by the base and growing wider as they reach upwards. The candle holders resting on top of the branches are square shaped and have no trace of any engravings or embellishments as they are entirely smooth and shiny.

The entire silver candelabra centerpieces is quite modest and almost has no embellishments, other than the leaf like engravings on the low tip between the branches. The silver used here is highly polished and gives off a beautiful sheen when polished and care for.

  • 2 branch candelabra for a family of two. This candelabra is small and unassuming at 21.5 cm tall
  • Highly polished, smooth surfaces for easy polishing and maintenance

Add some original art and maybe gather around for a philosophical conversation next Shabbat with the light from this 2 arm silver candelabra adding that perfect ambience to your culinary experience