Height : 11.89 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,692

Special Price $2,288


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Standing on a hexagon-shaped base, this 9 branch silver candelabra then rises like a pyramid, widening outwards slightly, and turning into a short stem. The arms of this incredible piece reach out horizontally, thin at the beginning and widening as they start to curve up, thinning again as they meet the cups. Each cup of this standing candelabra is made in a hexagon shape, and arches in under the rim, narrowing down until it reaches the branch, with the middle cup held up by a continuation of the original stem, for an exceptional piece of art.

As a proud member of the impressive Goldwasser collection at Hazorfim, this 9 arm silver candelabra has the sophisticated, modern look featured by all the pieces in this collection. Our expert silversmiths blend hexagon shapes and curved and angular lines, creating extremely unique pieces, which are current and classic at the same time. Every silver item in this collection is handmade by our talented silver artists to produce this magnificent image, and is polished many times with the use of special methods that have been altered for the smooth silver, resulting in a brilliant shine.


  • Pillar candelabra stands proud, for a perfect centerpiece
  • Perfectly polished and easy to maintain, with no hard-to-reach grooves
  • 9 candle candelabra handcrafted from 925 sterling silver
  • Brings an elegant, modern touch to your table


Add this 9 branch silver candelabra to your collection for a sophisticated work of art, which will look beautiful on your table, and enhance the flames it holds.

The Goldwasser Collection is a range of pure silver art which boasts a sophisticated look borne from a combination of the contemporary and the traditional. The motifs which the collection’s design incorporates include hexagonal shapes, contrasted with angular and curved lines.

The surprisingly clean, modern look of the pieces in this sophisticated collection is achieved precisely because Hazorfim’s expert silversmiths use only traditional and ancient techniques in its formation. To combine straight edges and rounded corners requires skillful well-controlled silver sculpture, hand-crafted without the use of machines.

To arrive at the brilliant finish each piece in the collection is repeatedly polished using techniques adapted to the soft nature of pure silver. The final result is like jewelry for the home; a collection which glorifies the table and the living room- drawing the gaze of every eye and the desire of each heart.