Height : 20.87 inch
Width : 13.39 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Standing on a firm base, this 6 candle candelabra has a circular design at the middle of its platform, from where it rises, narrowing significantly before it changes into a stem. The square stem climbs up from the base to hold the arms, and is slightly wider at its head and foot. Each arm of this pillar candelabra branches out elegantly in a wide half-circle, carrying square cups which arch in just under their rim, resulting in sophisticated pieces to house the Shabbat flames, which will glow off the smooth silver beautifully.

As part of the Bagatel collection at Hazorfim, the name for this 6 arm silver candelabra comes from the magnificent Bagatel diamond which served as the inspiration for our artists when creating this collection. This diamond is extremely hard to polish, and the silver collection inspired by it shares shining appearance, and boasts a special glow. Each of these judaica silver pieces are made with sharp sides to portray the look of a sparkling diamond, and feature many parts, which demand much time and proficiency from our talented silversmiths.


  • Standing candelabra with a height of 53 cm will make a beautiful centerpiece
  • Brings a touch of class to your table
  • Superior quality and design, all handcrafted for you
  • Lifetime warranty will help to ensure that its beauty remains forever


This 6 candle candelabra will bring a magnificent glow to your table when your Shabbat flames are lit in its embrace, shining off the silver to envelop all in their beauty.

Bagatel is a type of luxury diamond that is incredibly difficult to polish. This diamond inspired Hazorfim’s artists when they created the Bagatel Collection, resulting in silver artworks that share a sparkling, clean and polished appearance.

To maintain the brilliance and finish of a diamond when working with silver, Hazorfim’s artists had to overcome the soft nature of the metal, creating pieces with sharp and brilliant sides. Each piece in the Bagatel Collection is a complex arrangement of many parts, requiring time, knowledge and expertise- just like working with quality diamonds.