Height : 22.83 inch
Width : 12.99 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Known for its straight lines, circles, and cylinders, the Begale collection includes many of Hazorfim’s finest works. This 8 arm candelabra is an achievement of symmetry, arrangement, and drama, a striking example of beautiful handcrafted artwork and a useful Judaica piece at the same time.

Standing just an inch shy of two feet tall, this sterling silver candelabra is remarkable for its height, accentuated by a straight stem ornamented with a series of long, thin lines placed tightly together. The circular base, sitting solidly on a flat surface, is also decorated with thin parallel lines, evenly spaced. This 8 candle candelabra has cup holders that echo the stem in decor, and the arms curl around in a half circle to support them.

Yet this candelabra is more than just a list of details and attributes. First and foremost, this 8 arm silver candelabra makes a grand and dignified statement on your dining table or sideboard.

  • This regal candelabra stands tall and proud in any Judaica collection.
  • With space for 8 candles of your choice, this candelabra can light up a room fully.
  • This work of art is made of sterling silver and handcrafted by specialists.

Define your style and your commitment to tradition with this stunning 8 arm candelabra, a true original and a fascinating work of art.