Height : 3.94 inch
Width : 4.72 inch
Length : 4.72 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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The Fiore Honey Serving Dish is a stylish and luxurious piece made from crystal and decorated with pure silver roses. The base and handles are also crafted from pure silver expertly added to the glass body using special hand tools. A popular item, owing to the combination of two noble materials, crystal and silver, the Fiore Honey Serving Dish is a great gift for the holiday and any host will be glad to display this shining jewel on the holiday table.

Bagatel is a type of luxury diamond that is incredibly difficult to polish. This diamond inspired Hazorfim’s artists when they created the Bagatel Collection, resulting in silver artworks that share a sparkling, clean and polished appearance.

To maintain the brilliance and finish of a diamond when working with silver, Hazorfim’s artists had to overcome the soft nature of the metal, creating pieces with sharp and brilliant sides. Each piece in the Bagatel Collection is a complex arrangement of many parts, requiring time, knowledge and expertise- just like working with quality diamonds.