Height : 27.56 inch
Width : 16.93 inch
Material : Gold Plated and Sterling Silver 925

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The Saturn Modern Menorah takes menorah design to a completely different place. As its name suggests, the menorah incorporates the ringed image of Saturn into its aesthetic, as well as the combination of gold and silver.

Around the entire branch area, a large, flattened gold circle frames the piece and provides a focal point with its embossed blessing for candle lighting all around the perimeter. Four curved cylindrical silver pieces mimic the branches seen in many Chanukah menorahs. In this piece, however, they are mainly there for show, but uphold a flat silver piece upon which the candle holding cups rest. This flattened piece connects to the outer circle.

Each candle holding cup is held aloft on this flat silver piece by a golden filigree sphere. Above each sphere is a polished golden hemisphere with a curled lip. Inside each of these is a straight cylindrical piece with a finely curled lip to complete the candle holding cup assembly.

The cylindrical silver stem descends from the bottom silver curve and ends with a shiny rounded golden piece. The base is composed of curved silver ridges alternating with flat golden pieces, progressively larger as it descends.

The Modern Saturn Menorah brings a celestial aesthetic to your mitzvah of Hanukkah lighting with its unique design.

  • Created with superior quality craftsmanship and timeless design
  • Created exclusively from the finest 925 sterling silver
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees this product’s beauty forever
  • Free worldwide shipping is provided for your added convenience

If you’re seeking a sterling silver menorah, this Modern Saturn Menorah could be the one. Consider giving it as a treasured gift for someone special