Height : 15.55 inch
Diameter : 6.69 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $2,223

Special Price $2,001


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When you look at these pair silver candlesticks, you can see their beauty immediately. With magnificent designs, and ornate embellishments, these candlesticks are an impressive work of art, and will light up your table with their elegance. When you’re looking to buy silver candlesticks, these pieces will captivate your heart and amaze your guests when they see your extremely sophisticated taste.

Standing on a firm base supported by four legs of finely carved silver, these beautiful candlesticks climb gradually into a round stem. The stem thins elegantly as it rises and widens again ever so slightly at the top, just before it meets the cup. The cups of these jewish silver candlesticks are shaped in a vase form, round at the bottom and then arching in and curving back out at the rim, creating spectacular pieces to serve as the home for your Shabbat flames.

Featured on each part of these incredible judaica silver candlesticks are delicate engravings and skillfully- crafted embellishments, lending them a genuinely regal look. Some of these designs resemble leaves and vines, with a unique linear pattern added on the stem for additional beauty.


  • Handcrafted from pure 925 sterling silver, to add quality and sparkle
  • Beautiful design adds a look of sophistication to your table
  • Fully polished, with an impressive shine
  • Suitable for any type of candle
  • Firm base provides excellent support, so thes candlesticks can be used safely on your table


These pair silver candlesticks will make a great, majestic centerpiece for your table, when you add them to your collection.