Width : 4.02 inch
Material : Silver Plated

Regular Price: $127

Special Price $78


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The beauty of this crystal wine bottle will captivate everyone who sees it, earning you countless compliments from your family and friends alike when they see your exceptional taste in Shabbat finery.

This beautiful liquor bottle stands on a firm base, from which it curves in and rises in a pear-like shape. The neck extends from the top of the body, climbing slightly before ending in a wider lip, with a square stopper resting in it, and keeping the wine or liquor tightly sealed.

Each of the six cups has a square platform from which the cup rises immediately, widening slightly as it reaches the top, all the while keeping its square shape.

A magnificent oval embellishment is placed at the center of each cup, as well as the bottle, adding a look of simple beauty to this outstanding set.

  • Made with superior quality and an exceptional design
  • Adds a touch of class to your Shabbat table each week
  • Firm base ensures spill-free use on your table
  • Lifetime warranty guarantees the beauty of this piece forever

When you look to buy crystal wine bottles, this piece will stand out with its elegant form and beautiful design, catching your eye immediately and convincing you that it’s the piece you want. With this crystal wine bottle enhancing your table each and every week, you will enjoy the beauty of your perfectly set Shabbat table more than ever, assuring you that you made the wise decision in adding this piece to your collection.