Height : 7.48 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925
Volume : 300 ml

  We offer engraving on all of our silver items. Engraving can be done in Hebrew, English, or a combination of the two. Please note, engraving will delay shipping by up to 5 days.
Minimum charge $18 for up to 10 letters. Any additional letter $1.

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Special Price $730


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This unique kiddush cup set will add a special dimension to your Shabbat when you place it at the head of your table, transforming this holy day from ordinary to extraordinary. The pure silver of this sterling kiddush cup will be offset by the deep, sparkling wine which it holds, adding a radiant glow to your table, and making you wish that Shabbat came more than just once a week. When you’re looking for the perfect kiddush cup for sale, this piece is sure to stand out as one with exceptional quality and outstanding design, truly worthy of gracing your Shabbat table.

The arched, circular base of this beautiful cup rises up to firmly support the stem. The stem widens as it climbs, before narrowing again, with a small design just under the cup. Beginning with a rounded base, the cup then curves out and back in, widening again as it reaches the top and finishing with a broader lip.

Featured on the base and cup of this beautiful piece are ornate engravings, resembling leaves and vines, along with a magnificent floral embellishment which is placed at the center of each side, with a diamond design etched skillfully around it.

  • Custom-crafted from 925 sterling silver with you in mind
  • Adds a look of sophistication to your table
  • Option for engraving for a personalized touch
  • Free worldwide shipping provided

When you add this sterling kiddush cup to your collection, you will be amazed at the level of beauty it brings to your table each week.