Height : 22.64 inch
Diameter : 15.75 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Candle lighting is a tradition of Jewish culture that dates back many centuries. The premise of welcoming in the Sabbath affirms and upholds the custom of harmonious family bonding. 

With a majestic presence, this ornate silver 12-armed candelabra, when observed and aflame, takes one’s breath away. The highly skilled silversmiths of Hazorfim have handcrafted the intricate, sophisticated design. 

This flawless silver candelabra combines the Rococo or Late Baroque style of décor, typical of nature and it’s flora. Featuring curving leaves and twisting vines with pod-shaped heads, it has the feel of movement from the base to the top of the stem. The grand finale summits with the impressive labra that emote an illusion of strong hands supporting the capitals. A truly dramatic piece of art.

Standing at a height of 22.64 inches and with a diameter of 15.75 inches, this sterling silver candelabra forms part of the Orcana collection. The name Orcana could be considered as two words Ohr and Chana meaning the light of graciousness and favour. A perfect description for this splendid piece of silver.

Additional benefits for purchasing this ornate candelabra are:

  • Made from 925 solid sterling silver
  • Can be shipped worldwide with a lifetime warranty
  • Caters for tea-lights and tapers
  • A perfect anniversary gift
  • Capitals have drip trays for gathering wax

An investment of this kind will be a treasured family heirloom passed from one generation to the next.

Adorn your home and provoke conversation at the Shabbat table with the splendour of this silver object d’art.