Height : 15.35 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925

Regular Price: $3,340

Special Price $3,006


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Created in the magnificent style of the Neora collection at Hazorfim, these large silver candlesticks are amazing masterpieces, worthy of gracing any table. Using straight lines and sharp edges, the expert silversmiths creating this collection have achieved a look of carved stone for these pieces, a look which is sure to have you taking a second look. With a style which is sophisticated and refined at the same time, and looks both classy and current, the pieces in this collection are sure to catch your eye and your heart, making them the perfect choice when you buy candlesticks, or any other silver item.

These silver pillar candle holders have fine legs of silver supporting the square base, which narrows as it climbs to support the stem. The stem is wide at the bottom, and thins as it rises, widening again minimally at the top, just before it reaches the cups, which arch in under the rim, for a spectacular look. The center of the base, stem, and cups of these big candlesticks has a brilliant pattern etched into it, resembling leaves and vines, and finishing their already magnificent look perfectly.


  • Contemporary silver candlesticks which will bring a refined touch of class to your table
  • Made from 925 sterling silver, with superior design and quality
  • Suitable for any type of candle
  • Firm base ensures great support on your table, for worry-free use


When looking to buy candlesticks to grace your table and uplift the ambience of the room, add these large silver candlesticks to your collection, and you’ll never regret your choice!

The Neora Collection is a range of pure silver art which exudes stability, with straight lines and sharp edges. Expert silversmiths give the soft metal the appearance of “carved” stone.  Every item in the collection features a straight, sturdy pillar, supported in four directions, like the four corners of the Heavens.

The collection combines classic and modern design to produce silver art which is stylish and elegant and which symbolizes the strong families which build up the people of Israel.