Height : 20.87 inch
Width : 13.98 inch
Material : Sterling Silver 925


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Inviting friends and family to join in the celebration of Shabbat is a double mitzvah of giving and receiving. A sterling silver candelabra, alive with warm flames and set in the middle of the table, adds a flavour of richness to the evening. 

At first glance, this 8 branch silver candelabra is striking in its simplicity. It has a traditional square base and stem extending upward to the splendid undulating labra that support the elegant candle cups. Taking a closer look, you will notice the finer details: small leaves etched face-down on the knop and face-up on the base. What catches the eye, are the four scrolled-up feet that add a touch of asymmetry to the overall uniform design.

Highly polished, this silver candelabra has a contemporary modern style. The geometrical straight lines and angles are symbolic of structure and order. The semi-circular boughs add a soft touch and represent connection and community.


  • Made from 925 solid sterling silver 
  • Easy to maintain thanks to its high polish
  • Can be shipped worldwide at no cost
  • Can be custom made
  • Has a lifetime warranty

This 8 candle candelabra is a true masterpiece of imagination and craftsmanship. The talented Hazorfim silversmiths have sculpted this piece of art with precision and skill and have given it an avant-garde, impressive elegance.

You will not regret your purchase of this tasteful candelabra that can be proudly displayed on your dining table.

Bagatel is a type of luxury diamond that is incredibly difficult to polish. This diamond inspired Hazorfim’s artists when they created the Bagatel Collection, resulting in silver artworks that share a sparkling, clean and polished appearance.

To maintain the brilliance and finish of a diamond when working with silver, Hazorfim’s artists had to overcome the soft nature of the metal, creating pieces with sharp and brilliant sides. Each piece in the Bagatel Collection is a complex arrangement of many parts, requiring time, knowledge and expertise- just like working with quality diamonds.